Make Facebook Ads Work For You

If your goal is to promote your small business online without spending a fortune, Facebook ads are not only inexpensive but can be effective too. According to BIA/Kelsey LCM, advertising on Facebook or promoting a business on the site is routinely used by around 48 percent of small and medium-sized businesses, according to BIA/Kelsey LCM. A Facebook page solely for a business is something around 40 percent of companies have, and it can work for you if it’s something you haven’t considered.

Understanding Your Goals and Planning

Whether it’s attracting more traffic to your website or boosting awareness of your company, determining what you are trying to achieve is your first step. You may also increase sales, highlight a new or improved product, or promote a one-time event.

Facebook Advertising for HVAC Companies is typically used to get readers to ‘like’ your page and boost overall awareness. You may also want to consider a Facebook ad that shows friends who have already liked your page; this technique is sometimes known as a ‘page like’ feature and can be very effective.

To ensure that potential customers are more likely to remember your ad and its content, try targeting those people who are already friends with people who have liked your Facebook page.

Page Post sponsored stories can create a news feed item out of your posts and are ideal if you have a particular news story, a unique offer or a new product that you need to promote.

For word-of-mouth recommendations about companies featured in the news feed, try using Facebook’s sponsored stories feature. Readers who like your page or check out your company can be sponsored.

When it comes to analyzing results and getting the most out of your Facebook presence, Facebook has many reports that can be generated and studied. It’s probably more effective to set goals for increased comments, as Facebook ads have a relatively low click-through rate – 0.05 percent instead of the industry-standard figure of 0.1 percent.

Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Are Targeted

Choosing the demographic profile of your targeted customers is easy when you place Facebook ads. You can be as specific as you want and narrow down that target audience.

Of course, the more you narrow down your target audience, the better your results tend to be. Even if the numbers of people being targeted are smaller, it’s worth it to enjoy more positive results.

An example of this specific targeting will be focusing on those already fans of your Facebook page if you want to promote a specific event or product. The ad manager also lets you input the names of clubs, colleges, schools, and other businesses in your area and target-based just on location. It’s another Facebook feature that can make a big difference.

Images and Text Should Stand Out

To create an effective Facebook ad, you don’t necessarily have to use all the 135 characters you are allowed. Unique features or special offers can help you stand out from the competition, and concise and well-written ads often achieve more than those too contrived. The ad’s text or title should have your company’s name in it somewhere, and including something that gets your readers to click on your ad is important. And anyone clicking there also needs to know where to go next once they are on your landing page.

A customer’s attention is typically drawn to an ad by a picture rather than a logo. Not surprisingly, you can expect a high rate of clicks if you have a photo of a smiling woman; a picture of a person or something unusual can also help get those much-needed clicks. Consider using natural colours in your ads, such as orange, red and yellow, which contrast with Facebook’s predominantly blue colour.

Measuring and Using Multiple Ads

Different versions of the same advertisement may get different results, so it’s worth experimenting to find the perfect ad. The Facebook interface lets you change or replace pictures or text using the ‘ Create a similar ad’ feature.

Although it may sound like extra work, creating four ads for a campaign is the most effective way to determine which one of them works best. And when you have found the ad that is bringing you the best results, don’t hesitate to change it now and then to keep your customers’ interest.

You can also help keep your costs down by creating new ads based on those that yield the best results. It’s all because the click-through rate is higher. Don’t forget to use the many reports available to you on Facebook.

Getting the Most From Your Traffic

People lose interest in the content that doesn’t change; new ads will keep people coming back to your page.

Keep in mind that most Facebook users click on the ‘like’ feature on the ad itself rather than clicking on your actual Facebook page. Remember that one of your goals is to make sure that customers and potential customers return again and again, and there are several things you can do to make that happen. Events related to the content in your ads, special offers and sales, and updates on your status can all help attract and keep your customers.

When someone clicks on your Facebook ads, it should be seen as the beginning of the process of letting your customers experience your campaign. That click shouldn’t be seen as the result, as some people perceive it. Once that customer likes your Facebook page, you can update your customers and tell them everything they need about your product or service. Updated text, pictures and ads, a schedule of special offers and discounts, and events that capture customers’ interest can all help you get the results you want.